Bloom is just a regular girl living on Earth. She and her rabbit Kiko are outside, when they see Stella fighting an ogre. Bloom rushes to Stella's aid and uses her "Winx" (she doesn't really know what's she doing at the time.) Stella is sure that Bloom has Winx. After a second battle with the said ogre, Stella and Bloom manage to convince Bloom's parents to let Bloom go to Alfea College For Fairies. After leaving, Bloom and Stella meet, Tecna, Flora and Musa. The five call themselves "The Winx Club". A group of Witches who attend Cloud Tower called the Trix are soon discovered to be after the Dragon's flame (Dragonfire). The Trix believes in the beginning of the season that Stella has the Dragon's Flame. They later discover Bloom poses the Dragon's Flame and that Bloom is the heir to Domino's throne. The Trix use the Wysteria Crystals to steal Bloom's power. Bloom discovers that her Winx could never be stolen, it is inside her heart and with the help of her friends defeats the Trix.

Episode Summaries
Season 1, Episode 1
Italian Name: Una Fata a Gardenia
RAI English Name: An Unexpected Event
4-Kids Name: It Feels Like Magic

Season 1, Episode 2
Italian Name: Benvenuti a Magix!
RAI English Name: Welcome to Magix!
4-Kids Name: More Than High School

Season 1, Episode 3
Italian Name: L´┐Żanello di Stella
RAI English Name: Alfea College for Fairies
4-Kids Name: Save the First Dance

Season 1, Episode 4
Italian Name: La Palude di Melmamora
RAI English Name: The Black-Mud Swamp
4-Kids Name: The Voice of Nature

Season 1, Episode 5
Italian Name: Appuntamento al Buio
RAI English Name: Date with Disaster
4-Kids Name: Date with Disaster

Season 1, Episode 6
Italian Name: Missione a Torrenuvola
RAI English Name: Mission at Cloudtower
4-Kids Name: Secret Garden

Season 1, Episode 7
Italian Name:A Che Servono Gli Amici?
RAI English Name: Friends in Need
4-Kids Name: Grounded

Season 1, Episode 8
Italian Name: La Festa Della Rosa
RAI English Name: A Friendship Sundered
4-Kids Name: The Day of the Rose

Season 1, Episode 9
Italian Name: Il Tradimento di Riven
RAI English Name: Betrayed!
4-Kids Name: Spelled
Season 1, Episode 10
Italian Name: La Fiamma Del Drago
RAI English Name: Bloom Tested
4-Kids Name: Magical Reality Check

Season 1, Episode 11
Italian Name: Il Regno Delle Ninfe
RAI English Name: The Monster and the Willow
4-Kids Name: Junior League

Season 1, Episode 12
Italian Name: Miss Magix
RAI English Name: Miss Magix
4-Kids Name: Miss Magix

Season 1, Episode 13
Italian Name: La Figlia del Fuoco
RAI English Name: A Great Secret Revealed
4-Kids Name: Meant to Be

Season 1, Episode 14
Italian Name: Il Segreto di Bloom
RAI English Name: Bloom's Dark Secret
4-Kids Name: Witch Trap

Season 1, Episode 15
Italian Name: Voci dal Passato
RAI English Name: Honor Above All
4-Kids Name: Pushing the Envelop

Season 1, Episode 16
Italian Name: Il Nemico Nell´┐Żombra
RAI English Name: Cold Spell
4-Kids Name: The Nightmare Monster

Season 1, Episode 17
Italian Name: Il Segreto di Brandon
RAI English Name: Secrets Within Secrets
4-Kids Name: Royal Heartbreak

Season 1, Episode 18
Italian Name: Addio Magix!
RAI English Name: The Font of the Dragonfire
4-Kids Name: Senior Witches Go to Earth

Season 1, Episode 19
Italian Name: Attacco ad Alfea
RAI English Name: The Fall of Magix
4-Kids Name: The Army of Decay

Season 1, Episode 20
Italian Name: La Scomparsa di Bloom
RAI English Name: Mission to Domino
4-Kids Name: Sparks of Hope

Season 1, Episode 21
Italian Name: Trappola di Ghiaccio
RAI English Name: The Crown of Dreams
4-Kids Name: The Frozen Palace

Season 1, Episode 22
Italian Name: Il Ritorno di Riven
RAI English Name: Storming Cloudtower
4-Kids Name: Mission to Cloud Tower

Season 1, Episode 23
Italian Name: Fuga da Torrenuvola
RAI English Name: Power Play
4-Kids Name: The Search for the Flame

Season 1, Episode 24
Italian Name: Il Mistero del Lago
RAI English Name: The Witches' Siege
4-Kids Name: Battle for Alfea

Season 1, Episode 25
Italian Name: Il Sonno di Magix
RAI English Name: The Ultimate Challenge
4-Kids Name: The Great Witch Invasion

Season 1, Episode 26
Italian Name: Battaglia Finale
RAI English Name: The Witches' Downfall
4-Kids Name: Fire and Ice

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