Season 2

After summer break, the Winx is back at Alfea. A fortuen teller pixie tells Bloom that this year she will encounter a new friend. That friend is Aisha (Layla), who is trying to rescue the pixies from Lord Darkar. After Aisha and the Pixies escape from Lord Darkar, the Winx learn of Darkar's intentions. Darkar has freed the Trix and plans to take over the magical dimension.

Episode Summaries
Season 2, Episode 1
Italian Name:La Fenice D'ombra
RAI English Name: The Shadow Phoenix
4-Kids Name: Back to School

Season 2, Episode 2
Italian Name: Il Ritorno Delle Trix
RAI English Name: Up To Their Old Trix
4-Kids Name: Princess of Tides

Season 2, Episode 3
Italian Name: Rescue Mission
RAI English Name: Rescue Mission
4Kids Name: Into the Underrealm

Season 2, Episode 4
Italian Name: La Principessa Amentia
RAI English Name: Princess Amentia
4--Kids Name: Queen of Perfection

Season 2, Episode 5
Italian Name: Magico Bonding
RAI English Name: Magic Bonding
4-Kids Name: Rescuing the Pixies

Season 2, Episode 6
Italian Name: Il Matrimonio di Brandon
RAI English Name: Runaway Groom
4-Kids Name: My Boyfriend's Wedding

Season 2, Episode 7
Italian Name: Il segreto del professor Avalon
RAI English Name: Professor Avalon's Secret
4-Kids Name: The Angel of Doom

Season 2, Episode 8
Italian Name:Il guasta feste
RAI English Name:Party Crasher
4-Kids Name:Party Monster

Season 2, Episode 9
Italian Name:Corsa contro il tempo
RAI English Name: Race Against Time
4-Kids Name: Homesick

Season 2, Episode 10
Italian Name: La cripta del codice
RAI English Name: Crypt of the Codex
4-Kids Name: Reaching for the Sky

Season 2, Episode 11
Italian Name:Corsa contro il tempo
RAI English Name:Race Against Time
4-Kids Name:Homesick

Season 2, Episode 12
Italian Name: Unite per la Vittoria
RAI English Name: Win-x Together!
4-Kids Name:Truth or Dare

Season 2, Episode 13
Italian Name: La dama del ballo
RAI English Name: Invisible Pixies
4-Kids Name: Gangs of Gardenia

Season 2, Episode 14
Italian Name: Battaglia sul pianeta Eraklyon
RAI English Name: Battle on Planet Eraklyon
4-Kids Name: The Wrong Righters

Season 2, Episode 15
Italian Name: Lo spettacolo continua
RAI English Name: The Show Must Go On!
4-Kids Name: Magic in My Heart

Season 2, Episode 16
Italian Name: Hallowinx!
RAI English Name: Hallowinx!
4-Kids Name: The Fourth Witch

Season 2, Episode 17
Italian Name: Gemellaggio con le Streghe
RAI English Name: Twinning With the Witches
4-Kids Name: Exchange Students

Season 2, Episode 18
Italian Name: Nel Cuore di Torrenuvola
RAI English Name: In the Heart of Cloudtower
4-Kids Name: The Heart of Cloudtower

Season 2, Episode 19
Italian Name: La spia nell'ombra
RAI English Name: A Spy in the Shadows
4-Kids Name: Shadows in Bloom

Season 2, Episode 20
Italian Name: Il villaggio delle Pixies
RAI English Name: Pixie Village
4-Kids Name: The First Charmix

Season 2, Episode 21
Italian Name: Il potere del Charmix
RAI English Name: Charmix Power
4-Kids Name: Trouble in Paradise

Season 2, Episode 22
Italian Name: Wildland: La grande trappola
RAI English Name: Trouble in the Wildland
4-Kids Name: Last Resorts

Season 2, Episode 23
Italian Name: Il momento della verità
RAI English Name: Time for Truth
4-Kids Name: Darkness and Light

Season 2, Episode 24
Italian Name: Prigioniera di Darkar
RAI English Name: Darkar's Prisoner
4-Kids Name: Desperately Seeking Bloom

Season 2, Episode 25
Italian Name: Faccia a faccia con il nemico
RAI English Name: Face to Face with the Enemy
4-Kids Name: Storming Shadowhaunt

Season 2, Episode 26
Italian Name: Le ceneri della Fenice
RAI English Name: The Phoenix Revealed
4-Kids Name: The Ultimate Power Couple

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