Season 1, Episode 9

Italian Name: Il Tradimento di Riven
RAI English Name: Betrayed!
4-Kids Name: Spelled

Riven has been hypnotized by Darcy. At the beginning of the episode Stella insults Bloom, who runs off to the library. In the library, Bloom researches Daphine the Nymph. The library system goes crazy and sends books flying everywhere. Ms. Fragonda temporarily shuts down the library.

Stella and the other Winx girls are hanging out in the dorm. Stella teases Musa about having a crush on Riven. Musa runs off and goes to Magix.

After the library incident, Bloom returns to the dorm and meets up with Stella who had ran after Musa to apologize.

Musa wanders around Magix and catches Riven with Darcy in a cafe. Musa spies on the two and is caught by Icy and Stormy who chase Musa into an ally. Musa is attacked, but is saved by the Winx Club and the Specialists. During the fight, Bloom uses a strange and strong attack that weakens herself. Icy discovers that it is Bloom who has the dragonfire and the witches flee.

Season 1
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