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Aka's Deviantart Account- Self-explanatory really, some of my Winx Club fanart is posted there.
Sailormoon Sagas An old Sailormoon fanfiction site that is inactive (due to the fact that I haven't been able to log into the ftp server).
Realm of Blood My Semi-literate horror/fantasy RPG.

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WinxClub The Movie: Official Site
Winx Power Show Official Site
Winx Club Official Site
Rainbow S.P.A. Official Site
4Kids Entertainment
4Kids Winx Club Section

Voice Actors, Stage Actors and Other's Homepages

Claudia Alfonso (Flora, Winx Power Show)
Irene Borst (Musa, Winx on Tour)
Francesca Colapietro (Bloom, Winx Power Show 2006)
Tanja de Nijs (Icy, Winx on Tour)
Mary Dima (Bloom, Winx Power Show 2005)
AnnaMaria De matteo (Tecna, Winx Power Show)
Silvia Fontana (Icy, Winx on Ice)
Erika Iacono (Musa, Winx Power Show)
Karima Machehour (Aisha, Winx Power Show)
Dania Mansi (Icy, Winx Power Show)
Sara Marinaccio (Stella, Winx Power Show)
Sabrina Orlando (Stormy, Winx Power Show 2006)
Lisa Ortiz (Musa, Icy, and Digit, 4Kids TV Dub)
Ettore Romano (Helia, Winx Club Power Show 2005)*
Joyce van Berkel (Flora, Winx on Tour)*

*=Unofficial site.

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Freehostia- Webhosting
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Jigidi- Hosting the Puzzles
Aethereality- Brushes
Celestial Star- Brushes
Komet Tails Designs- Brushes
Winx PNGs- .PNGs
Enchant Winx- .PNGs
Michael's Winx Club-Series Information
Winx Power Show at MySpace[dot]Com-Winx Power Show Information
Winx Spies- Winx On Tour Information
Wikipedia- Episode Information, Mythology Information, Character Information, Episode List, Series Information, voice actor information
Behind the Name- Name Meanings
Godchecker[dot]ComMythology Resource
Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary- Name Meanings
20,000-Names [dot] com-Name Reference
Sun Signs-Astrology Info
The Javascript Source- Game Codes
Gamespot - Video Game Information
Oceanmagic Forum - German voice actor information
Winx Club Blog (Finnish) - Finnish voice actor information
Steve's Games Page- Current puzzle applet.
Axeraider70 at deviantArt- Brushes
Obsidian Dawn- Brushes
Silence- Brushes
KeReN-R- Brushes

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