Cloud Tower Archives Submission Guidelines

1) Your website should be active and Winx Club related in some way or another.
2) Your website should have a decent layout. I will not affiliate with websites that have tons of broken links, stolen or "copied" content from other websites, have music when you enter the site, or if your layout hurts my eyes.


1) Articles must be well written with mostly correct grammar and spelling in English. The being of sentences and proper nouns should be capitalized, no l33t, netspeak, or any type of online abbreviations may be used.
2) Articles must be at least 700 words in length
3) Articles must relate to Winx Club or writing in some way.


1) Fanart must be made by you. Do not submit for someone else.
2) Fanart may not be pornographic in nature. There is a very fine line between pornography and artistic nudity. Pornography is drawn with the purpose to arouse someone and is usually demeaning to the opposite sex. Artistic nudity is used more as symbolism, or when a work of art's meaning would be blurred by clothing.
3) Gore and macabre are allowed.


1) Fanfictions must be written in paragraph format with mostly correct spelling and grammar. There should be no leet (abberations such as lol, g2g, lmao, to mention a few). The beings of sentences and proper nouns should be capitalized as well.
2) Your fanfiction does not have to be completed to submit. If you abandon your fanfiction please tell me so I can remove it from the site.

Ask Valtor Letters

1) Letter must be written in an easy to read letter style format.
2) You letter should not have usage of leet, or any form of online talk in them. Please use good English.
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