Issue Number Comic Name
1 The Castle
2 The Secret of Alfea
3 The Boys from Red Fountain
4 A Friend for Bloom
5 Prisoner of the Dark
6 The Swamp Monster
7 The School for Witches
8 Heart of a Fairy
9 A Job for Bloom
10 The Revelation
11 Dragon's Flame
12 Magic Battle
13 Moonlight
14 Alone Against Everybody
15 Dragon's Land
16 King Nobody
17 The Ghost of Balmoral
18 The Guardian of Dreams
19 Monsters of the Loose
20 An Evil Wind
21 The Shaab Stone
22 Treason
23 Return of the Trix Girls
24 Love Potion
25 Logic and Love
26 The Seed of Disagreement
27 Darko the Black
28 Witch Love
29 Magic Tournament
30 Love For Layla
31 Return of Princess Diaspro
32 My Friend is a Dragon
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