Winx on Ice Story

Carolina, a lover of poetry steals a diary from an antique shop. Carolina finds that anything she writes in it becomes true. She writes about a world were magic is real and apart of daily life. Carolina finds herself in Alfea.

Carolina meets the Trix who convince her to write curses in the diary and become a witch. The Winx and the Specialists go to save Carolina. Valtor tells her to write the defeat of the Winx in the diary. Instead, Carolina writes about the defeat of Valtor and the Trix.

Winx On Ice Tour Dates

2008 Tour Dates

November 6th-9th Milan
November 15th-16th Genoa
November 22nd-23rd Bologna
December 6th-7th Bolzano
December 13th-14th Padova
December 20th-21st Naples
December 27th-28th Turin
January 2nd-6th Rome

Future Tours?

2nd Italy tour (2009?)
Switzerland November-December 2009
France, Holland and Portugal 2010


Note: The only members of the cast that I'm one hundred percent sure of are Carolina Kostner and Silvia Fontana.

Bloom Giorgia Bombardieri
Stella Francesca Mongin
Flora Lucina Scarpolini
Tecna Amber Fredella
Aisha Orchydee Jamaina
Musa Camilla Pistorello
Carolina Carolina Kostner/ Elizabeth Besozzi, Federica Costantini
Icy Silvia Fontana/ Serena Tancredi
Stormy Claudia Di Costanzo/ Federica Costantini
Darcy Angelica Belotti
Valtor Christian Patergniani
Brandon Marco Togni
Riven David Fradelloni
Timmy Angelo Fiorentini
Sky Alberto Carinelli
Helia Christian Zacharias
Nabu Matteo Ottaviani
Faragonda Elizabeth Besozzi/ Noemi Noto
Daphne Federica Albasini
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