Season 3

Season 3 Summary

The Trix are locked away for good, or the Winx thought. The Trix were frozen and sent to the Omega dimension. The problem is that Icy has power over Ice, so breaks free of her frozen prison, the proceeds to free Darcy and Stormy. As they walk through the dimension they find themselves chased by a monster. They awaken a nearby prisoner, Valtor to distract the monster, Valtor defeats the monster and the Trix and Valtor join up to take over the magical dimension.

Episode Summaries

Season 3, Episode 1
Italian Name: Il Ballo Della Principessa
RAI English Name: The Princess Ball
4-Kids Name: The Princess Ball

Season 3, Episode 2
Italian Name: Il Marchio di Valtor
RAI English Name: The Valtor's Mark
4-Kids Name: Beauty is a Beast

Season 3, Episode 3
Italian Name: Lo Specchio Della Verit´┐Ż
RAI English Name: The Mirror of Truth
4-Kids Name: Mirror of Truth

Season 3, Episode 4
Italian Name: Il Mare Della Paura
RAI English Name: The Sea of Fear
4-Kids Name: Mission to Tides

Season 3, Episode 5
Italian Name: Il mare della paura
RAI English Name: The Sea of Fear
4-Kids Name: Mission to Tides

Season 3, Episode 6
Italian Name: La Scelta di Aisha
RAI English Name: Layla's Choice
4-Kids Name: The Mermaid Queen

Season 3, Episode 7
Italian Name: La Compagnia Della Luce
RAI English Name: The Company of the Light
4-Kids Name: Royal Behavior

Season 3, Episode 8
Italian Name: Una Sleale Avversaria
RAI English Name: Disloyal Anniversary
4-Kids Name: Dark Sky

Season 3 Episode 9
Italian Name: Il Cuore e la Spada
RAI English Name: The Heart and The Sword
4-Kids Name: Operation Boyfriend Rescue

Season 3, Episode 10
Italian Name: Alfea Sotto Assedio
RAI English Name: Alfea Under Siege
4-Kids Name: Attack of the Zombie Witches

Season 3, Episode 11
Italian Name: Trappola Per Fate
RAI English Name: Trap for Fairies
4-Kids Name: Missing in Action

Season 3, Episode 12
Italian Name: Le Lacrime Del Salice Nero
RAI English Name: The Black Willow's Tears
4-Kids Name: Tears of the Black Willow

Season 3, Episode 13
Italian Name: Un Ultimo Battito D'ali
RAI English Name: One Last Fluttering of Wings
4-Kids Name: Point of No Return

Season 3, Episode 14
Italian Name: Furia!
RAI English Name: Fury!
4-Kids Name: Pay Back

Season 3, Episode 15
Italian Name: L'isola Dei Draghi
RAI English Name: The Island of Dragons
4-Kids Name: The Island of Dragons

Season 3, Episode 16
Italian Name: Dalle Ceneri
RAI English Name: From the Ashes
4-Kids Name: The Power Within

Season 3, Episode 17
Italian Name: Nella Tana Del Serpente
RAI English Name: In The Snake's Lair
4-Kids Name: The Omega Mission

Season 3, Episode 18
Italian Name: Lo Scrigno di Valtor
RAI English Name: Valtor's Box
4-Kids Name: Day At The Museum

Season 3, Episode 19
Italian Name: All'ultimo Minuto
RAI English Name: At The Last Moment
4-Kids Name: Biker Chick Wedding Crashers

Season 3, Episode 20
Italian Name: La Carica Delle Pixies
RAI English Name: The Pixies' Charge
4-Kids Name: Little Big Shots

Season 3, Episode 21
Italian Name: La Torre Rossa
RAI English Name: The Red Tower
4-Kids Name: The Golden Kingdom

Season 3, Episode 22
Italian Name: Il Labirinto di Cristallo
RAI English Name: The Crystal Labyrinth
4-Kids Name: The Crystal Labyrinth

Season 3, Episode 23
Italian Name: La Sfida Dei Maghi
RAI English Name: The Wizard's Challenge
4-Kids Name: The Wizard's Challenge

Season 3, Episode 24
Italian Name: La Rivelazione Delle Streghe
RAI English Name: Witches' Revelation
4-Kids Name: The Witches' Crypt

Season 3, Episode 25
Italian Name: L'ira Dello Stregone
RAI English Name: Wizard's Anger
4-Kids Name: The Spell of the Elements

Season 3, Episode 26
Italian Name: Un Nuovo Inizio
RAI English Name: A New Beginning
4 Kids Name: Fire and Flame

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