Please note: I do not speak Italian, and used Babelfish to translate them. There translation may not be one hundred percent accurate.

Songs Titles Translated Titles
i sogni a modo mio The way I dream
Unica One
un regno e una bambina A Kingdom and a Child
Seguil il tuo coure No translated title available
Mambochiwambo Mambochiwambo
Tutti i sogni miei All my Dreams
La mia canzone My Song
Prova a prenderci Try to Get us
Vita da star Life from a Star
Quando sei con me When you are with me
La tua musica รจ la mia Your Music is my Music
Irraggiungibile Unattainable
Ti parlo di me Speak about You and Me
Reazione a catena Chain Reaction
Magia di Winx Magic of the Winx
Mambochiwambo Mambochiwambo

Translation Notes

When I put this into a translator, I got "the dreams to way mine" as a result. I do not speak Italian, so I can only guess that exactly how the song should be titled in English. When I find the offical translation, I will correct this as needed.

For Unica, I got about five different possible translations (One, Unique, solitary, sole, only).

Regno can also be translated as reign.

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