Season 3, Episode 16

Timmy found Tecna on a locater device that he created. Tecna managed to send a transmission from the Omega Dimension.

Valtor has learned of Tecna being alive and Bloom being on Pyros. He sends the Trix to Pyros in order to ensure an "accident" happens to Bloom.

The girls get ready to go to the Omega Dimension. Riven and Sky will stay behind to protect Red Fountain.

On Pyros Bloom is rescued by an old woman named Mya. Mya agrees to help Bloom train to get stronger.

In the Omega Dimension, Timmy finds Tecna's transmission and too late they realize it was a trap. Due to the imbalance the Valtor has caused, some of the prisoners have managed to escape. These prisoners have made up several groups of bandits. The girls are tossed down a cliff while the guys are captured by the bandits.

On Pyros the Trix attack Bloom. During the battle, Bloom manages to will her Enchantix form.
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