Season 3, Episode 9

The rest of the Winx have returned to Alfea, and Aisha has left for Andros. The remaining Winx surprise Bloom with a breakfast picnic. Bloom claims she is not hungry, because she is upset about what has happen with Skye (see season 3, episode 8 summary).

During this time, Faragonda explains to the staff and teachers at Alfea about a protective shield that they will put up. The teachers cast the spell. We return to Faragonda's office where Griselda leads in some angry parents who feel their daughters are in danger at Alfea due to Bloom's presence there. The parents threaten to withdraw their daughters if Bloom is not removed. We then see the Winx girls go into the assembly. Faragonda explains about the protective shield that will go up at eight o'clock, and that she will allow Bloom to stay.

Bloom returns to Gardenia after hearing that parents were threatening to withdraw. In Gardenia, we see Bloom walking on the streets having flashbacks about Skye. The people in the background are couples together. Bloom talks to her mother and father. They tell her she has a right to demand an answer from Skye.

On Erakilon, Skye and Diaspro have announced their engagement. Tecna and Stella see this while watching the news (?) on Tecna's computer. Stella goes to Gardenia to inform Bloom. Both girls return to Alfea, were they plan to find Skye and demand answers. Tecna stays behind so she and Digit can get them back in using a device that warps the shield for thirty seconds. Riven takes the girls to Erakilon and creates a distraction so the girls can get into see Skye. While seeking in, they meet up with Brandon, who is also working to figure out what happened to Skye. Brandon distracts the guards while, the Winx girls go into see Skye. Bloom asks what happened, and Skye refuses to answer.

Diaspro followed by two guards enter the room. The girls claim they were "congratulating" them on their engagement. Diaspro doesn't buy it and sends the guards after them. Skye chases the girls into a deserted hallway and begins to wildly attack the Winx. After a few moments of hesitation, the Winx girls transform. During the fight, Skye's jacket gets torn in order to reveal Valtor's mark on his shoulder. Stella uses her pixie dust on Skye's arm. They then bolt out of the room.

They reach Alfea and have Tecna open the shield for them. The girls jump out of the ship and land in the shielded area. Lights flash on as they are caught by Griselda. By warping the shield, they have weakened it and are sent to Faragonda's office.

They meet up with Tecna and Aisha. Aisha is in tears because she finds out that her parents have arranged her to marry a man named Nabu.
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