Season 3, Episode 8

The episode starts out with Bloom having a nightmare about her friends making fun of her for not being able to get her Enchantix.

The Winx girls are accompanied to Erakilon by the boys from Red Fountain. Skye leaves the group in order to prepare. The girls change into the dresses they wore for Stella's Princess Ball.

After a list of notable royalty (including Stella's father, King Radius, with Countess Cassandra and Chimera). Skye and the rest of the Erakilon royal family enter. Skye dances with Bloom and then walks off to make his announcement (That they're dating and engaged). He is stopped by Princess Diaspro who proposes a toast to Skye's happiness. The drink Diaspro gives is a love potion. When Skye makes his announcement, he announces Diaspro.

He states the Winx girls as witches working for Valtor. The Winx run to make an exit, while chaos breaks out among the rest of the guests. Skye leads a group of mounted dragon riders and chases after the Winx girls (hitting Flora with an attack and knocking her out). Skye ends his friendship with the Red Fountain boys. Aisha uses her Morfix to blind and silence the dragons.

A rider looses control and the dragon attacks King Raidus, Countess Cassandra and Chimera. Cassandra and Chimera leave Radius in front of the angry dragon. Stella runs in and saves her father, and thus earning hr Enchantix.
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