Season 3, Episode 7

The Winx Club returns from Andros (Tides). Aisha (Layla) recovers her vision. Since they left school grounds, they are given detention, which is to reorder the restricted section of the library without using magic.

Due to Valtor's (Baltor's) attacks on different realms, the teachers create a shield around the school grounds. They also announce that the only way you can leave the school grounds by Griselda's permission.

Bloom along with the other WinX girls have been invited to Erakilon's 1000th Anniversary Ball. Griselda will not allow them to leave until the library is cleaned. Stella and Aisha instruct Bloom on "how to act like royalty" the girls and their pixies work hard to finish on time.

Before the girls leave, Mrs. Fargonda tells Bloom about the Company of the Light, an order which Bloom's birth parents created. She along with Saladin, and Mrs. Griffin were memebers of the Company. It was Bloom's parents that sealed Valtor away, and her parents have not been seen since. Bloom also learns that Valtor can use the Dragonfire as well.
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