Season 3, Episode 18 Summary

The Winx, now reunited with Tecna, decide to take it easy for the day and head into Magix. While sitting in a cafe in Magix, Stella notices a man following Aisha. He says his name is Ophir and claimed that Aisha looked like someone he knew. Aisha doesn't buy it.

Valtor and the Trix send a warning that they're attacking the Magix museum. Valtor states he wants the Eye of the Ancestress Witches. He gives the people an hour to prepare themselves for his attack.

The Winx, of course go to defend the artifact. The Winx enter the building, Musa stops them, convinced she saw Icy. The Winx's suspicions that this is a trap is confirmed. Valtor would distract the guards while the Trix retrieved the artifact.

Valtor eventually joins the fight and Aisha trades the box that Valtor was really after for Ophir's life.
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