Season 3, Episode 17

When Bloom returns to Alfea she finds her friends missing. She is informed by Fargonda that they have gone to the Omega Dimension.

When Bloom leaves Fargonda's office she sees a Redfountain ship. Sky emerges and tells Bloom that he's sorry for everything he did under Diaspro's spell. Bloom forgives him and the two go to the Omega Dimension to help find Tecna.

In the Omega Dimension, the boys are trying to figure out a way to get out the prison that they have been trapped in. Stella using her power to keep the Winx warm and ward off the Ice Serpent that is in the Omega Dimension with them.

When Bloom and Sky arrive they quickly find Tecna who has managed to survive. The three of them create a surprise attack on the bandits and rescue the boys. Bloom and Tecna then go to find the rest of the Winx.

After a brief reunion, the Winx manage to escape from the Ice Serpent. They all manage to escape from the Omega Dimension.
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