Season 3, Episode 15

The episode starts with the remaining Winx girls (Aisha, Musa, Stella, and Flora) awake in the middle of the night. The talk about how worried their are about Bloom. Meanwhile, Bloom is arriving on Pyros. Pyros looks a lot like the dinosuar age of earth suposedly did. Bloom manages to get in a fight with three dragons. She ends up running away and falls into a giant hole. During the day at Red Fountain, Timmy rushes into the dorm saying he found away to save Tecna. Riven tells him that Saladin is worried about him and they are too. Timmy asks them if they would be able to help find Tecna. Riven and Brandon decline, but Sky agrees to help Timmy. At Cloudtower, VAltor is frustrated becuase he has lost the ability to morph. Darcy suggests he take over another realm in order to relax. While on Pyros, Bloom has a dream. In the dream Daphine tells her not to forget where she came from and to look inside herself to find her dragon. When she wakes up, their si a small dragon who calls himself buddy standing thier. Back at Red Fountain Sky and Timmy are working on the machine. Timmy beings describing Tecna. He gives her IQ (150) and mentions her likes and dislikes. The machine can't find Tecna and Sky suggests he gets more emotional. Timmy tries again describing how Tecna is a good friend. After a second failure, Sky tells him, he needs to get deeper, and he knows just the person who can help. On Pyros, Bloom and Buddy are walking outside of the cave. Buddy says he got seperated from his parents and is to afraid to go back by himself. Bloom says that she will help find his parents. The realm that Valtor is going to conquer next is a world of meditation. Valtor comes and fights the ninja monkey guards protecting the scroll. After he defeats it, he meditates on the power and the people of the planet become aggiated and upset. At Red Fountain, the remaining Winx are waiting talking with Timmy trying to get him to talk about what he likes best about Tecna. After a bit of working Timmy finally states his favorite things about Tecna (she can add large numbers in her head, she beats Timmy at video games and doesn't apologize, and that she laughs at his bad jokes.). On Pyros, Buddy begins teaching Bloom how to be like a dragon. He has her walk like a dragon first, and Bloom manages to scare some other dragons away. Second, Buddy has Bloom eat like a dragon and finally he teaches her to roar like a dragon. At the same time, Timmy has got the machine up and working. He and the Winx press the button to find Tecna. Back at Cloudtower, the Trix are waiting for Valtor to come back. Valtor appears through a portal and he bought presents. He gives Stormy and Icy some strange looking ponchos and he gives Darcy a bracelet. He begins to mediate to figure out how to morph. On Pyros, Bloom and Buddy are heading toward a mountain. The mountain's guardian will wake if their are any intruders present. Bloom slips and the dragon wakes. The dragon captures Buddy and throws Bloom into a tar bit. After hearing Buddy's screams for help, Bloom flies out, but the tar prevents her from flying. Bloom finds her inner dragon, roars and the dragon drops Buddy. Bloom catches Buddy and the dragon goes back to sleep. Buddy says this is becuase Bloom is a dragon now. At Red Fountain hours had past since Timmy first pressed the button and they haven't found anything. Timmy tells the girls not to give up. They tell Timmy that they have to get back to Alfea before curfew. As Sky takes the girls back, Timmy begins to remember different things he did with Tecna and falls asleep. The machine has found Tecna and her voice is calling out to Timmy. On Pyros, Bloom and Buddy have reached the place were Buddy's home is. Bloom says she doesn't see anything. Buddy responds that this is his home, becuase Bloom is their and he is Bloom's dragon.
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