Season 3, Episode 14

The Winx girls, Riven and Timmy are standing in the middle of forest, having a elegy for Tecna. Timmy stops saying that she's not dead yet. Riven runs after him and tries to console. Timmy says that she's not gone, he can feel that she's alive and promises to find her. The Winx girls are back in the dorm and decide to disband the club and pay Valtor back. Fargonda comes into check in on them and tells them not to strike in anger. At Cloudtower Valtor uses a portal to take himself to planet Apposite. When he arrives, the people are in pairs of dissimilar. Valtor takes the scroll and everyone becomes similar looking. Grizelda has been watching the girls from the ground. What Grizelda doesn't know is that it is a set-up done by the pixies. The Winx are meanwhile sneaking out of Alfea. The familiar stalker from the last two episodes is here as well. At Cloudtower, the Trix are talking about how boring the zombie-fied witches are. Stormy disagrees, saying there fun to mess with. She makes an announcement saying that Valtor wants them to mix their mashed potatoes with their jello and eat it. Valtor comes up behind them and tells Stormy to stop messing with his minions. Icy demands when the Trix will get to see the new magic that Valtor has. Valtor says now and uses the magic he stole form Apposite on Stormy. Stormy acts very sweet and goody-goody-ish. She even eats the Mashed potato-jello. Valtor, Icy, Darcy walk out. The Winx girls arrive outside of Cloudtower and transform. They blast at the windows and enter the building. The zombie-witches get up from their meal and mutter "Intruder" as they come closer. Flora says not to hurt the witches, their completely brain-washed. Stormy appears and tells the girls the locations where Valtor can be found. The zombie-witches change their chant from "Intruder" to "Traitor" and chase after Stormy. Stormy says that she was just trying to help, then runs off. The girls split up, Bloom, Musa, and Flora go one way while Stella and Aisha go the other. Bloom's group arrives in Miss. Griffon's office, where Valtor is talking to himself on how he is going to take over realms, Magix will be his, etc. Bloom says that they won't let him and he attacks Flora and Musa. Bloom attacks Valtor and the strength of her power slams him into the wall. He tells her that she is strong, like her mother, but he defeated her mother. Stella and Aisha are also on their own. They state that Valtor has everyone under his control. Miss. Griffon responds that she is still here and is not under Valtor's control. She explains that she tried to break the barrier, but none of her spells seemed to work. Stella tries, but the bars bounce her magic back at her. Aisha tries to use her morhpix to pry the bars open, but that is shot back at her as well. Griffon says that she thinks their is some kind of mirror charm on the bars. Valtor begins to tell Bloom about her parents. Bloom's parents were in charge of the Order of Light who fought against him. Musa interrupts him with an attack. He knocks it aside and traps Musa in barrier of silence. Flora attacks and Valtor responds in similar fashion, but instead of silence he locks her in complete darkness. Bloom throws some magic at him, but he dodges them and continues talking. Valtor tells her that he uses a spell he learned from the rock cannibals of the underworld to trap Mariam. Ortiel came to rescue her and lowered his guard. When Ortiel's guard was lowered he "sent them to oblivion". He tells Bloom to get her vengeance. Bloom attacks him, but Valtor uses a spell from Apposite to transform the attack into ice and freeze Bloom. Meanwhile, Stella and Aisha are trying to think up ways to free Griffon. Stella uses her fairy dust on the opposite wall and frees Griffon. The Trix arrive, and Stormy is back to her mean old self again. Griffon uses a spell and sends the Trix to the Detention Dimension. In the Detention Dimension, a talking blackboard tells the Trix to list 600 ingredients that can be used in mayhem potion. The Trix decide not to do it, saying that its humiliating. Griffon, Aisha and Stella make their way down Cloudtower's halls when Griffon detects an unauthorized portal. Fargonda and Saladin emerge from the portal. The group decides to join Bloom, Musa and Stella in the fight against Valtor. The spells on Musa and Flora wear off and they try to free Bloom. When they try to use their pixie dust, Valtor sends strong winds at them. A blast comes and a voice says to "Leave my girls alone!". It was Fargonda. Fargonda and the Company of light cast a shield spell on Valtor while the Winx went to save Bloom. In the Detention Dimension, Darcy and Stormy have begun to write down the ingredients. Darcy uses an illusion spell to list the ingredients and the Trix leave. The shield on Valtor is beginning to break and the Order of Light cannot hold it much longer. The Winx have freed Bloom from the ice, when Valtor breaks free. Bloom demands that they finish him off in order to have vengeance against Tecna. Fargonda says that they cannot defeat Valtor today and Stella transports them back. At Alfea, Fargonda tells Bloom she should go to Pyros, the Isle of Dragons if she wishes to become stronger. She warns Bloom that its very dangerous and her chance of survival is not certain. Bloom says she doesn't care, she just wants vengeance. Valtor is extremely frustrated after his recent defeat and is currently brooding. The Trix volunteer to capture Bloom for him. At Alfea, Bloom is telling Lockette and Kiko that she is leaving and is either going to come back stronger, or not at all. Fargonda sends her through a portal. In Aflea's courtyard, a ship lands and Sky steps out of it. Sky explains that Diaspro has been banished from Erakilon. Brandon then emerges and Stella yells at him for not contacting her. Brandon explains that he was in Eraklions' prison, and had no way to reach her. In fact, he just got out. Sky asks were Bloom is, he needs to apologize to her.
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