Season 3, Episode 13

The episode starts with Valtor and the Trix watching a strange looking beam from a crystal ball. Valtor explains that Andros and the Omega Dimension are linked together and that the two dimensions will be destroyed if nothing is done to stop it. Saladin comes in the middle of the night to warn Fargonda of the same thing. Fargonda wakes Aisha and the other Winx girls. Stella is a bit annoyed that her beatuty sleep was interrupted, but all of that is put aside when they walk into a tearful Aisha in Fargonda's office. The girls decide to go to Andros and see what they can do about the problem. On Andros, the Queen, Aisha's mother is gazing out at the portal, her husband comes out and joins her. A guard comes running in saying that more criminals are coming in from the Omega Dimension and that the guards are having trouble holding them off. Just then a portal provided by Tecna brings the girls to Andros. Aisha runs to her parents. Aisha's parents are happy to see her, but wish it was under better circumstances. Her father attempts to persuade her to go back to Alfea where it is safe, but Aisha refuses and her father gives in. The girls transform and are ready to fight. Underwater, a mermaid is fighting off three of Valtor's corrupted mermaids. The mermaid swims up to the surface and sees even more struggle. At the same time, the Trix asks Valtor if he is bothered by the fact that Andros, his lair, and the corrupted mermaids will be destroyed. Valtor shrugs saying he assumed that mermaids wouldn't survive past sage one of his plan. The Trix are shocked and Valtor explains that he stole all the valuable magical items from the planet already and he knows all their magic, so the planet is of no use to him. The Trix notice the Winx Club in the crystal ball and begin to watch. The Winx Club are joining in the fight on Andros. Stella even uses her pixie dust to create a whip for battle. The girls manage to reach the portal. Back at Cloudtower the Trix are watching. Darcy sates that she though that they would be the ones who destroyed the Winx. Valtor claims that when the dimension collapses, The Winx will die anyway. On Andros, Aisha is cornered, but her father leading Andros' soldiers comes and saves her. The king and Aisha make a plan to lure in the corrupted mermaids and heal them via pixie dust. The plan works and the corrupted mermaids are reverted back to their true forms, (although very confused). The King runs off and tells Aisha to wait for Taybot, Andros' strongest wizard. After the mermaids thank Aisha, Bloom and Tecna appear with a man in between them. The man is revealed to be Taybot. Taybot's ship was destroyed by Valtor, so the girls gave him a ride. Valtor's minions are on their tails, so Musa, Stella and Flora stay behind to hold them off. Taybot accompanied by Bloom, Aisha and Tecna reaches the portal. Taybot says that he helped created the portal and it was supose to prevent evil from coming into Andros. Clearly, Taybot's efforts did not account for Valtor's strength. Fortunately, Taybot has a scroll that can close the portal. He tells the Winx with him to put all their magical energy into the scroll. AS they are doing that the wind speed increases and the scroll is ripped from Taybot's hands. Taybot tells them that they must evacuate Andros. The girls ask Taybot if there is any other way. Taybot says that someone could close the portal from inside, but he does not know anyone alive who has that kind of courage. The girls all run toward the portal, but are pushed back by the winds. Tecna tries again and makes it to the portal. She receives her Enchantix and uses her pixie dust to push the portal into itself. while doing this the portal grabs her and pulls her in as well. The portal shuts stealing Tecna inside. Taybot tells the girls that Tecna is as good as dead. The episode ends back at Cloudtower where the Trix adn Valtor are over joyed to know that they had one less Winx to deal with.
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