Season 3, Episode 12

The episode starts with the pixies looking after Misss. Fargonda in her tree form. Their is a cloaked figure who is listening in on the conversation, the camera zooms in to reveal that the hooded person is Lucy. Lucy then disappears. Lucy is shown running through the halls of Cloudtower. Then we see Valtor going to test a new power on Stormy. Valtor asks Stromy how she feels and she responds "Electirc". Lucy knocks on the door and enters the office and tells Valtor that the Winx are going to Lymphea. Stormy runs off, flowed by Icy.

We are then taken to Lymphea where a portal is opening. Flora pops out of the portal followed by the other Winx girls. A young girl runs up to Flora. The girl's name is Mialee and she is Flora's younger sister.

Flora had Mialee speak to the elders. Mialee reports that the Elders said that they need to go to the City of Trees and to the Sage of Lymphea. Mialee says she'll lead the group.

Back at Cloudtower, Stormy is casting a spell off one of the balconies. Icy appears behind her and congratulates her on making a dimensional passage. Apparently, Stormy had trouble with the spell in the past. Icy and Stormy get into an argument over why Valtor has selected them to go. Unbeknown to them, Valtor is watching them from a crystal ball. Stormy walks into the portal and Icy follows after her.

Next the Winx girls plus Mialee are standing in the City of Trees. The top of the tree, which is the place they need to go is high up atop one of the trees. Tecna asks if their is an elevator, but Flora states that technology is forbidden in the City of Trees. Aisha suggests flying up, but according to Flora, the winds that come down from the mountain create powerful wind tunnels, which makes flying out of the question. Mialee says that she'll show the girls how to get up there.

Nearby Stormy is spying on the group. Mialee tells the girls to hop on to a giant leaf looking thing. As the girls begin to climb on, Flora tells Mialee that she doesn't have to come with them. Mialee responds by saying she's not a baby. Flora said that she wasn't implying that and the two sisters hop on to the leaf. Mialee tells them to hold on and guides the leaf off. Stormy is watching the girls on the leaf from a branch and summons some harpies. Back on the leaf, Stella is complaining about the speed, Flora briefly explains that the leaf has to travel that fast in order to go against the wind. Musa states that they are going into a storm. One of the harpies leaps towards Musa, Musa ducks and the harpy missed. Tecna notes that the harpies are gathering to attack again. The girls transform. Tecna launches a spell at one of the oncoming harpies and it hits dead on. A few more harpies come forward to attack and knock Aisha and Stella down, leaving the two hanging onto the leaf for dear life. Bloom sends a spell at two of the harpies and incinaretes them. Aisha manages to pull herself up onto the leaf. Stella is having trouble holding on and the remaining harpies are gaining on them. Stella tells Aisha to let her go and that she will fly. Aisha responds that its too dangerous. Stella asks to try and Aisha lets go. Stella manages to stay up in the air. Enchantix power is no match for the high speed winds. One of the harpies grabs on to the bottom of the leaf and begins to shake it. Another harpie draws closer and Flora blasts it to dust. Mialee nearly falls off, but Bloom manages to grab her. Shots are fired at remaining the harpies. Musa joins in with Aisha and Stella in attacking. We are shown Stormy laughing. On the leaf, Flora tells Mialee that they'll get through this, and Mialee replies she knows. Tecna and Bloom's spirits as they continue the attack. More harpies are going to over turn the leaf. The Enchantix girls incinate the harpies and land back on the leaf. After the attack, the City of Trees is shown. Stormy's power to summon harpies has worn out and she smashes a tree branch in anger. The girls walk along one of the branches that lead into a cave. They hear a voice that says "You've come to help Fargonda. Step closer." The voice is coming from the waterfall. The sage says that Valtor's magic is powerful and cannot be undone by normal spells. The sage explains that the only way to reverse the spell is to reverse the flow of time. The sage explains that eons ago two willow trees were the source of life for the regoin of Lulia, a land north of Lymphea. In the current time, Lulia is a waste land, but that was not always the case. There was a great fire long ago that destoried one tree and damaged the other. The one that survived became known as the Black Willow. The tree grieved so much that it could not stay were its sister once stood. The Black Willow left Lulia and went to a cave in a mountain nearby. The tree weeped for its lost sister. The tears evetually became a pond that flowwed out the cave and up the cliff side, defying gravity. This is called the Stairs of Water. The tears of the Black Willow can reverse the flow of time and change what has happened. The girls decide to take some of the water and go back to the time when Valtor casted the spell. The Sage warns them that if they wait to long Valtor's spell will become premainate. She also tells them that in order to collect the water, one must have a goblet. We are then shown Darcy who is using a crystal ball to spy on Stormy. She then tells the crystal ball to show her Icy. Darcy is angered that the other members of the Trix left without her and she runs to the portal that Stormy made and hops in. The scence switches to the Winx, where the girls are getting onto giant ladybugs. Mialee tries to get on one of the bugs, but is to short. Flora says that she cannot go with them becuase it is too dangerous. Mialee says that she can handle it- she's a fairy. Flora puts her sister on to the ladybug and tells the ladybug that Mialee can knows the way home. After Mialee leaves, the Winx girls set off. They stop when they get to the sticky vines, becuase the ladybugs do not like them. They decide to walk across the vine. Here, Icy is spying them. Darcy comes up and argues with Icy, then get into a physical fight. Stormy comes and asks them what the hell they were doing. Stormy tells them to stop fighting. Icy and Darcy do, they both send spells at Stormy. Stormy gets up and the three get ready to fight, when all of a sudden, Darcy starts laughing. "I can't believe it." she says, "We're fighting over a guy!" Stormy says that they have to work together. Darcy teases her saying that she sounds like Bloom. Stormy responds that they are friends and Icy asks if she's going soft on them. Meanwhile, the Winx are infront of the water stairway, which accourding to Bloom is one of the coolest things she's ever seen. Its revealed the Cave of the Black Willow is behind the waterfall. The Trix, who are still flowwing the girls decide to ambush the Winx inside the cave. The Winx walk inside and see the Black Willow infront of them. Bloom goes to collect the tears, but is stopped by Flora and Musa. If Bloom touches the water, time may go back for her too. Mialee, who had been following them, reminds the girls of the sage's words. Stella picks up a near by rock and uses her sun magic to turn it into a crystal goblet. Stella carefully lowers the goblet down and collects the water. Something knocks the goblet out of Stella's hand. Stella manages to catch the goblet and hold the water inside. The person who attacked Stella is Icy. Stormy reveals that they were the ones who sent the harpies and Bloom, Flora and Musa power up. Icy sends and attack at Bloom, but Bloom manages to surpress it. Icy fires off another attack which Bloom is hit by. Bloom tells Stella to hurry up in regetting the water. Stormy hits Tecna, Musa, and Flora with an attack. Stella says she's got the water and Icy sends an attack at them. Stella moves to dodge the attack and some water comes out of the goblet. Stormy then launches another attack, Flora uses her magic to grow vines that wrap around Stormy's feet. Stormy easily crushes the vines with her own magic. Icy manages to get another attack off at Bloom, and Bloom is trapped in ice. Darcy uses her double team attack and surrounds Musa. Darcy uses magic to trap Musa. Stella anounces that she got more water. Icy sends an attack and knocks the goblet out of Stella's hands. Stella runs to catch the goblet, but instead hits her head on a pole. The goblet shatters. The Trix taunt Bloom, Bloom rebuts saying that they'll get more. Darcy tells her that she doesn't think so and that she aced the nature destruction course at Cloudtower. Darcy pollutes the water, turnign it a green-grey color. The Trix laugh as the Black Willow begins to turn rotten as well. Flora grabs Darcy, but Stormy sends an attack that knocks her away. Flora slams into the ground. The Trix raise their power together for a combined attack at Flora, but Mialee jumps in front of her sister and is tossed into the polluted water. Flora grows three plants "Venus Cobblers" that attack the Trix, before she jumps into the polluted water. Musa tells Flora not to, but Flora is already underwater, swimming closer to her sinking sister. Flora catches her sister and asks her why she did not go back home. Mialee responds that she wanted to see what would happen. Flora tells Mialee that she loves her and sends her to the surface. Mialee screams "No!" as Flora becomes tangled in the reeds and loses her breath. Mialee is gently taken to the surface and placed back on the rocks by Flora's bubble. The Trix have manages to escape the floral trap that Flora created. Stormy laughs, while Bloom breaks free from the ice and asks Mialee what happened. Mialee states that "She saved me." and begins to cry. A drop of water drips from the tree and falls into the water, returning the water to normal and hitting Flora. Flora gasps and does her Enchantix transformation. Flora flies up from the water and the Winx girls plus Mialee are over joyed. The Trix gowl while Flora begins to shake her wings and summons her pixie dust. Flora pours the pixie dust on the tree. The revived tree grabs on to the Trix and tosses them into the water. The Winx girls congradulate Flora on her Enchantix and Mialee thanks Flora for saving her. Flora responds that Mialee saved her first, and tells her sister that she is proud of her. The Trix emerge form the water as child verisons of themselves. Stomry tries to summon her magic, but the attack just dies in her hands. Bloom tells the Trix to stop misbehaving, or she'll give them a time-out. The Trix run out of the cave. The Winx, plus Mialee giggling as they do so. The Winx plus Mialee are now in Magix and pour the water on to Miss. Fargonda's tree form. The tree begins to shrink and in a puff of smoke Fargonda is standing there. The girls cheer and Fargonda thanks them for freeing her. Another hooded figure has been flowing Aisha and has finally found her.
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