Season 3, Episode 11

The episode starts out with Mirta looking at a picture. She is upset, becuase her friend Lucy, who attends Cloud Tower, had attacked Alfea. (She does not know the witches were under Valtor's spell). She then puts down the picture and walks toward a window. The screen then turns to the Winx Girls, who are walking in the courtyard. Griselda watches them as they exit Alfea's gates. She wishes the girls luck looking for Fargonda, who disappeared in the last episode. Bloom points out the direction, which is filled with smoke and rubble, in Gloomy Wood Forest. Bloom notes that the pixies are missing and Aisha says she informed the pixies they were doing dicetive work. Sure enough, the pixies appear behind them, dressed to do ditective work. Then after a few words from the pixies, the screen goes to Cloud Tower. Cloud Tower is still occupied by the Trix and Valtor. Stormy is complaining about the "loser faeires" who managed to fend off their attack. Darcy tells her that they will have a chance for payback soon enough. Valtor claims that the Winx will show up, and Stormy theathens the Winx Club. Icey demands to deal with the Winx. Valtor gets pissed off and claims the Trix ruined his plan. Icey starts to spew out an excuese. Valtor does some ranting about how the Trix are amatuers and he needs someone with real power. He then turns to the Trix and tells them to keep an eye on Griffon for him. The Trix respond that they've "got it covered". We then go to the Gloom Wood Forest, where Stella, Aisha and Musa are flying around on look out for Fargonda. Musa points out a very desolate looking spot. Bloom, who is covering the ground asks Lockette to see if she can detect Fargonda's presnce. Lockette shakes her head no and then claims she is not feeling good. Bloom wisks Lockette into her arms and flies off to join the others. Digit explains that Valtor's spells have "left a large revenue of dark magic", there for "scrabbling Lockette's respectors". Flora instints upon not pushing Lockette and says the forest should be able to help. Flora tells the girls to stand back as a gust of wind rushes towards her, and Flora cries out "Nature's Symphony!" as a light glows from within her. A music-like sound is heard in the background. Flora explains that it is the voice of nature. The music and the wind begin to die down. Bloom asks what had happened. Flora responsed that the trees have witnessed the battle between Valtor and Fargonda. Flora begins to cry and then calsm herself as she continues to speak. She announces that Miss Fargonda is alive, but the trees were too scared to watch the battle. Flora states that when the battle ended he flew off in that direction, and she points with her left arm. Musa confirms that it is the direction towards Cloud Tower. The srceen pans down Cloud Tower and we see Mirta, who is walking around. She sees the Trix and hundles in a fedal position. We look up to see the Winx Club. Musa crosses her arms and says "I have never been so insulted". Mirta says that she is glad to see them. Flora askes why Mirta is there and Mirta says she is worried about Lucy and the other witches, and what made them attack Alfea. Stella says that the group will help, and Bloom instructs Mirta to stay close. Meanwhile, the Pixies are still searching Gloomy Wood Forest. We see Chatta and Tune, who suggests they increase the search area. Chatta says that she thinks if they move away from the battleground, Lockette will be able to use her powers. The pixies move along and continue to look for clues. After searching for awhile, Lockette shouts out for help, saying there are monsters. The camera shows tiger-like animals, then takes us to Cloud Tower. The Winx plus Mirta is wandering around Cloud Tower, which seems to be deserted. They open a door and gasp. All of the witches are lying on beds, in a Frankestien-like position. Tecna takes out a computer and does an analysis on one of the witches. Tecna claims that she thinks they are alive, but they are under a spell which puts them in suspended animation. Tecna also says that they are in this condition to regenerate thier powers so they can go out and fight again. Musa finds more witches in another room. Mirta gets distressed becuase she cannot find Lucy, Bloom assures her that Lucy is here and will be found. The girls hear a noise and run out into the hallway. The doors to the dorm rooms disappear and the Winx Club is trapped. Bloom tells everyone to stay together, and then we are taken to the pixies, who are surrounded by tiger-beasts. Tune suggests a hasty retreat, while Chatta insits on the pixies staying still. Amore casts a spell called "Love Expolsion" at the animals. Amore says that the only thing the wild felalores have in thier hearts is love. After we see the pixes petting the felalores, we are taken back to Cloud Tower, where the group is surrounded by witches and the teachers as well. The girls transform and the lights go out one by one. Stella creates a light spell so the Winx and Mirta can see what thier doing. One of the teachers attacks and Aisha quickly bounces it back. Musa instints that the teachers' battle skills are too advanced for one on one combat. The Enchantix faeries decide to use a convergnce spell. The teachers' steal the idea and laugh their own converngce spell. Musa and Aisha combine powers to launch a spell. The teachers dodge it, but it hits two Cloud Tower Students. Meanwhile, Valtor and the Trix have been watching the Winx from Griffon's office. Icy again demands to finish off the Winx, and Darcy clams Valtor's order is a waste of talent. Stormy complains that "even that loser Mirta is there!". Darcy explains that Mirta attended Cloudtower and then switched to Alfea. Valtor plans to turn Mirta into a weak link for the Winx, and Valtor wants more information about Mirta. We then return to the battle scene, where the witches are closing in on the Winx. Musa and Stella use a convercence spell, which puts three Cloudtower students to sleep. One of the teachers claim that the Winx won't be gloating for long. Mirta aproaches and then turns arround as she sees a portal open up for her. Mirta gasps as she sees Lucy on a table. Flora asks Mirta which way, and the group relizes that Mirta has disappeared. Tecna uses magic goggles to reveal its a trap and shouts out to Mirta. Valtor shows up, and another battle begins. Stella lauches an attack that Valtor catches and redirects to the floor. Valtor explains that they have been hit with a spell that will prevent there convergence magic from working. Aisha, Stella and Musa try a three way convergence spell, but it fails. The three fall backwards, then get up. the Winx charge towards Valtor. Valtor casts a spell, "Magic Meltdown", at the Fairies. The fairies dodge the attack and the floor is melted. Valtor mistakenly believes the fairies are dead, until the smoke clears. He attacks them, and they dodge the attack. Aisha then launches her own spell, which hits Valtor, followed by another hit, this time from Stella. Valtor cast another soell. The fairies manage to dodge most of the spell, and Aisha again sends a return attack. Valtor cancels the return attack and reminds the Winx the he owns Cloudtower. Hands pop up from the ground and grab hold of Aisha, Stella and Musa. Valtor laughs and we are then taken to the pixies, who are still relaxing with the animals that Amore tamed. Amore explains that the felalores are very ficle and will get angry if they stop petting them. They switch Piff around to each Felalore to put the animals to sleep. Chatta urges Lockette to use her magic since they are far enough away from Valtor's magic. Lockette argees and says Fargonda is this way (if your facing the T.V., its your right) and the pixies fly off. We go back to Cloudtower. A Cloudtower teacher tells Valtor that Griffon is trying to escape. Valtor says he will deal with the Trix, since the Winx are no longer a threat and tells a group of teachers and students to finish them off. Valtor disappears and the Winx girls are trying to regain their footing. Musa lauches a soundwave attack that hits one of the students. When the attack hits, the student smiles, and is unaffected. Flora states that "We can't fight them". Musa falls and Aisha rushes to catch her. While catching Musa, Aisha hurts her hand, which the girls conclude is from Valtor's spell. Bloom says that the spell must have blocked the ability to touch each other, rather then converence spells. They decided to try the spells from a distance, which will be diffcult, but they will stand a chance. They use a spell called "Rainbow Connection". The spell causes the students to run, and Bloom, Tecna and Flora land thinking it is safe, but one of the hand things comes up behind them. They turn around to see it and they decided to run. After running for a bit, Stella says that they won't be able to keep running, and luckily the spot Mirta, who knows the way out. They follow Mirta, who tells them that they are in a tunnel under the tower, but the tunnel is not connected to the school. While in the tunnel, they complain that they may not be safe and they have no idea where Fargonda is. While talking, they see a light from down the hall. Valtor has increased the strenght of the lock on Ms. Griffon's prison. Valtor tells Griffon that she'll never be able to escape, and then disappears. The girls run up to the cell. Griffon explained that Valtor locked her in here. Bloom says they'll try and figure out how to get Ms. Griffon out. Ms. Griffon tells them their being foolish and that they cannot open the cell, and if they did, it would tip off Valtor to where they were. Mirta instints they try, and says that Ms. Griffon could probably help to locate Fargonda. Ms. Griffon is surpised and worried that Fargonda has disappeared, and Bloom explains the stitutaion. Griffon is glad to here that other members of the Company of Light have made a stand against Valtor, and they must hurry. We then go to the pixies. The pixies are still looking for Fargonda. The pixies begin to approach a tree, were Digit explains to Lockette that her key believes that Fargonda is in the oak tree. Lockette feels that she has made a mistake. Digit decides to analyze the tree and Lockette warns her to be careful (the tree could be one of Valtor's traps). Digit begins to fly around the tree and sees something on. Before Digit can reveal what it is, the camera switches to the Winx, who are still in Cloudtower. Mirta is leading the other girls out of Cloudtower. Stella notices one of the Vault Gaurdians approaching them. Tecna corrects Stella and notes that thier are two of them. Flora reminds the girls that Miss. Griffin stated that the Guardians would be able to help them. One of the guardians shoots at smog attack at the Winx plus Mirta. Bloom and Tecna create shields against the fumes. Tecna notes the Mark of Valtor on the foreheads of the guardians. The two guardians unleash another attack against the Winx, which Tecna blocks. Bloom becomes discouraged since they have no way to remove the mark, Aisha corrects here and states that fairy dust might be able to break Valtor's spell. Aisha summons her fairy dust and successfully frees the Guardians. The Winx ask where Miss. Fargonda is. The Guardians explain that Fargonda has been trapped in a tree. The pixies are shown gathering around what looks to be a relief of Fargonda in a tree. The Winx Girls are shown saying farewell to Mirta. Mirta tells the girls to be careful and then runs off. Flora calls after Mirta and tells her not to worry. Bloom says that the Pixies are waiting and directs the girls away. We then see a figure in a cloak and get a close up of his eyes, before we see The Winx and Pixies around the tree. Flora says "hold on" and puts her hands on the tree. Flora says that, yes it is Fargonda in that tree. Flora explains more about the trap, that the tree was not there originally. It grew from an acorn that was near Fargonda, and her life force is now mixed with the tree. Tecna does a computer search for a spell that won't harm either the tree or Fargonda. Flora tells them its ancient hibernation magic, which has unknown qualities. The girls tell Miss. Fragonda that they will find a way to break the spell. The Trix have been using a crystal ball to watch the fairies, and all three swear vengeance.
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