Season 3, Episode 1

The Episode starts out with the Winx packing their stuff for summer. As the girls are leaving the school grounds, Stella receives a Sun Gram from Solaria. The Sun Gram contains a message from her father telling her that she is going to have a Princess Ball.

A Princess Ball is a coming out party for royalty and traditionally when the Princess would meet her future husband. Stella's father also mentions a surprise for Stella. Stella believes her parents are getting back together.

Meanwhile, three prisoners are dropped off at the Omega Dimension. One of the prisoners, Icy, breaks free, then releases the other two Darcy and Stormy.

On Solaria, the Winx girls split up and go shopping. Twice they run into a girl named Chimera. Chimera takes their pizza and the dress that Stella planned to wear for the ball.

Back with the Trix, the three find surviving in the Omega Dimension is a lot harder then initially planned. Icy frees another prisoner to distract the monsters. This prison's name is Valtor. Valtor defeats the monsters chasing the Trix and agrees to team up with him.

Valtor and the Trix manage to escape the Omega Dimension by opening a portal to Andros. Once there Valtor uses his magic to corrupt the mermaids and make them his minions.

Stella managed to find the perfect dress and the girls meet up with their boy friends. Suddenly a tidal wave occurs. The group quickly goes to rescue the people in the water. A Mermaid comes to Aisha and tells her that bad things are happening on Andros. Aisha goes with the mermaid to see what is going on in Tides.
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