Season 2, Episode 17

Summary: The Winx Club are guided by Mirta to Cloud Tower, where they take lessons on Dark Magic and try to prevent the Trix from stealing the piece of the Codex. During the episode the Winx girls struggle through the lessons. Bloom rallies the Witches against the Trix and the Winx, Mirta, and Witches split up in order to hunt down the Codex (so they can prevent eh Trix from taking it). Lucy encounters the Trix and is threatened by them. She returns to the room were they discussed the plan and announces that the Trix have broken into Cloud Tower. The Winx girls get into a disagreement on what stratigy to take and end up going of by themselves, (though Aisha and Musa work together, and Bloom and Flora create a team). Tecna creates a hologram of Cloud Tower and accidentally gives the location of the Codex to the Trix. Mirta and Lucy also become friends again during this episode.

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