Name: Stella
Name Meaning: Star
Home Planet: Solaria
Power Source: Suns and Moons
Italian Birth Date August 18th
English Birth Date: August 10th
Sun Sign (English and Italian): Leo
Family: King Radius, Father
Queen Luna/Moon, Mother
Countess Cassandra, Almost Step-Mother
Chimera, Almost Step-Sister
Best Friend Bloom
Love Interest Brandon
Pixie Amore
Fairy Pet Ginger, a poodle
First Appearance Season 1, Episode 1
First Use of Winx Form Season 1, Episode 1
Favorite Food Chips
Favorite Color Green
Favorite Hobby Shopping, shopping and more shopping!
Favorite Animal Puppies..
Favorite Movies Comedies!
Favorite Music Anything that makes me dance!
Favorite Shoes Loves all shoes equally
Favorite Subject Metamorphology
Favorite Spell Moon Ray
Loves Shopping
Hates Not shopping
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