Name Flora
Name Meaning Name of a Roman goddess of spring and flowers
Home Planet: Limphea
The Fifth Moon of Marigold/ All Fairy Greenlands (4Kids)
Power Source: Plants and Flowers
Italian Birth Date: March 1st
English Birth Date: March 16th
Sun Sign (English and Italian) Pisces
Fairy Sign: Dryad
Known Family Mialee, Sister (Rose in the 4Kids verison)
Love Interest: Helia
Pixie Chatta
Best Friend Aisha
First Appearance: Season 1, Episode 2
First Use of Winx Form: Season 1, Episode 2
First Use of Charmix: Season 2, Episode 23
First Use of Enchantix: Season 3, Episode 12
First Use of Believix: Season 4, Episode 6
Favorite Food: Homemade Cake
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Hobby(ies): Gardening, but she also enjoys writing poetry too.
Favorite Pet: Butterflies
Favorite Movie Genre: Romance
Favorite Music: Reggae
Favorite Shoes: Soft slippers
Favorite Subject: Botany
Favorite Spell: Giant Nettles
Loves Staying with her plants
Hates Shopping with Stella
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