Name: Bloom
Name Meaning: Period of flowering/ growth
Title(s): Princess of Domino (RAI verison)
Princess of Sparx (4Kids verison)
Birth Planet Domino (Sparx)
Home Planet Earth
Power Source: Dragon's Flame/ Dragonfire
Italian Birthdate: December 10th
English Translation Birthday January 27th
Sun Sign (Italian) Sagittatius
Sun Sign (English) Aquarius
Family Vanessa, Adoptive Mother
Mike, Adoptive Father
Ortiel, Biological Father
Mariam, Biological Mother
Daphne, Sister
Love Interest Prince Sky
Best Friend Stella
Pixie Lockette, Pixie of Portals
Pets: Kiko, a bunny
Peg, a horse
Fairy Pet Belle, a lamb
First Appearance Season 1, Episode 1
First Use of Winx Form Season 1, Episode 3
First Use of Charmix Season 2, Episode 20
First Use of Enchantix Season 3, Episode 16
First Use of Believix Season 4, Episode 6
Favorite Food Pizza
Favorite Color Red
Favorite Hobby Reading books about spells
Favorite Movies Romantic comedies
Favorite Music Pop
Favorite Shoes Comfortable, but stylish
Favorite Subject Potionology
Favorite Spell Dragon's Flame
Loves Playing with Kiko
Hate Tidying my bedroom...


Note: Contains spoilers.

Bloom was born on Domino (Sparx) to King Ortiel and Queen Mariam. Sometime during her infancy, Valtor and the Ancestral Witches attacked Domno and trapped the King and Queen of Domino in another dimension. During the attack Bloom's sister, Daphne, saves Bloom, but unfortunately died during the process. Bloom was then sent to a Earth and was found by Mike in a burning building on Earth. Miraculously Bloom is not harmed by the fire, and is taken home by Mike. Mike and his wife Vanessa, adopt Bloom and raise her.

During her childhood, Bloom was unaware of her past, but in the 4Kids version loved to pretend she was a fairy as a child. At some point in her childhood she was given Kiko the rabbit as a pet.

At some point in her teens, prior to attending Alfea, Bloom dated Andy, but the reason for the relationships end is never explained.

During a break from school Bloom goes to a park with Kiko and saw Knut and Stella fighting. Bloom uses her latent magic talents to save Stella. Knut disappears and Stella blacks out. Bloom takes Stella home where she tells Bloom that she has "Winx" (or magic in the Nick English). Stella persuades Bloom and her parents to let her go to school at Alfea.

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