Name (Italian and Nick) Aisha
Name (Non-Italian RAI and 4Kids) Layla
Original Name Meaning She who lives
Translation Name Meaning Night
Home Planet Andros (Tides in the 4Kids verison)
Birthdate June 15th
Sun Sign Gemini
Family Queen Niobe, Mother
King Teredor, Father
Love Interest Nabu/ Ophir
Best Friend Flora
Pixie Piff
Fairy Pet Milly, a rabbit
First Appearance Season 2, Episode 1
First Use of Winx Season 2, Episode
First Use of Charmix Season 2, Episode 22
First Use of Enchantix Season 3, Episode 7
First Use of Believix Season 4, Episode 6
Favorite Food Pasta
Favorite Color Orange
Hobby Sports
Favorite Pet Horses
Favorite Movies Adventure
Favorite Genre of Music R&B, Hip Hop, and Pop
Favorite Shoes Sneakers
Favorite Subject Gym and Dance
Favorite Spell Morphix
Loves Swimming
Hates Potionology
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