Frequently Asked Questions

What/is there an e-mail can I use to contact you?
Yes, you can e-mail me at

How Did You Come Up With the Name 'Cloudtower Archives'?
When I created my site a lot of Winx Club sites had names that were Something Winx, Winx Something, Enchantix Something, and Something Enchantix. I went for “Archives” since I wanted to focus more on providing information about the series than graphics. I chose Cloudtower because it sounded better than “Alfea Archives” or “Red Fountain Archives”. I wanted to use one of the schools because of the connection to Codexes from season 2.

How come you have three hit counters on the main page?
The top one counts unique hits, while the other counts over all hits. Unique hits count how many different IP addresses have viewed the site, while over all hits are how many times the site has been viewed. The third hit counter shows how many people from which countries.

How come you don't have "___" on the "___" page of the site?
I haven't gotten around to it, or I don't have the information. If you have information you would like me to put up, e-mail me.

How come you don't have information about Winx Club merchandise?
I do have links to sites that sell Winx club items in the links section. There is a lot of Winx merchandise out there, and its not a priority for the site. If I do get any Winx items, I’ll be sure to put up a little bit of information.

I sent you an e-mail, but you didn't respond to me.
I check the site e-mail when I update the site. If I haven’t updated in a while I might not have seen it. If I’ve updated several times since you sent your e-mail, you may want to try it again.
Is there another way for me to contact you besides e-mailing you?
Yes, the easiest thing would be the guestbook, since it’s on the site (you can set the entry to private, so only I can see it). You can also contact me on the forums.

Are You Accepting Staff?
No, I am not and will probably never be looking for staff. I really don't feel comfortable giving random people who I've never met access to my personal account. You may submit fanart, fanfic, an article, or tutorial. For more information on this, please see the Submission Guidelines.

Will You Be a Staff Member on my Site?
At this time, I have enough of my own projects to work on. I’m flattered that you asked though.

Is Aka your real name?
No. The name Aka comes from my oldest username (that I still use anyway), akasailorsea. I got the nickname Aka on a message board.

Will you be affiliates with my site?
Maybe. Send me a link, or easier fill out a form. I’ll let you know. If I find your site, I may send you an e-mail about being affiliates.

What happened to the old puzzles?
Most of them weren’t working, so I got rid of them.

Will you translate your site/parts of your site into other languages?
I would love too, but unfortunately, I don’t speak enough of any language (other than English, of course) to make a good translation. For now, I can only suggest using online translator.

My ____ is not in English, will you still post it?
I have no problems linking to non-English Winx Club sites. I would prefer that any article or fanfiction you send in be in English.

What future plans do you have for Cloudtower Archives?
I would like to make episode summaries for every episode. I also have plans for some fanfictions and new content for the site. It just may take me awhile to get around to them.

How often do you update?
For a while I was updating at least once a week. I would like to get back into that habit.

Can I Put the Fanart on my Own Site, or Use it in Graphics?
You’d have to ask the artist about that. All the fanart on my site is either my own or was submitted to me by the artist. If the artist hasn’t allowed me to put up their contact information, then assume the answer is no. For my art, the answer is no.

Why Don't You Have More Graphics?
There are tons of Winx Club sites out there that just have graphics, and not nearly as many with a lot of in-depth information about the series itself.

Why Don't You Watermark Your Graphics/Fan Art/Layouts?
I think watermarks are ugly and it really isn’t that hard for someone to leave a text link. If you use my graphics or layout on your site make sure to include/do not remove a link to my site.

Can You Draw me a Picture?
Currently I am not taking art requests, trades, or commissions.

What Programs do You Use to Make Your Graphics and Layouts?
Currently I use GIMP to make graphics, previously I have used, LunaPic , Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 Microsoft Paint. For coding layouts, I use Notepad.

What Products Do You Use For Your Fanart?
I use pencils, pens, color pencils, markers. For computer graphics work I use GIMP and have previously used Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 and Corel Paint Essentials.

Why is 7331 and online talk not allowed in submissions?
Mostly because it looks unprofessional.

I just sent you a submission, when will it be up on the site?
Usually when I get it. Generally as a rule, “Ask Valtor”s and site errors will take a little longer than the other stuff.

Can I upload images/ documents directly to the forms?
Unfortunately, I can’t do that at this time. You have to uploaded to another host first. For documents, you could upload it to Google Docs,, Livejournal, etc. For art you can upload to Photobucket, deviantArt, Image Shack, etc.

Someone else submitted my art/fanfiction without my permission!
If this happens, please e-mail me right away and I will remove it right away.

My fanart has a lot of gore and/or artist nudity can submit it?
Yes. For images that are more mature in content, I will put a caution image up.

You forgot to credit me.
If I use a source from your site and did not leave you credit, check the links page. If you don’t see yourself there shoot me an e-mail, its possible that I forgot to add it.

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This site is in no way assocaited with any of the listed companies. Site content created by K.F.


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