Aka's Character Creation Links 2.0

Mythology, Folklore, Legends and the Occult

The Original Valkyrie: A history of the Norse Godesses An excellent resource on the Valkyries.
Encyclopedia Mythica: Mythology, Folklore and Religion One of the most well known and respected myth sites on the web. This site has information from myths around the world.
God Checker A information on deities from all over the world.
The Amazon Connection Information on the Amazons of myth and Amazonian feminism.
Delirium's Real- Demons A-Z. Demonology information.
History of Magick- Witchcraft, Magick And Occult. Information on witchcraft, magick, adn occult.

Historical Information

Gladiatrix- The Woman Gladiator information on female gladiators.
TruTV: Crime Library Stories about criminals. Great for villain ideas.


20,000-Name[dot]Com: Names From Around the World A baby name site that has over 20,000 different names from a wide verity of cultures. Meanings are not always 100 percent accurate.
Surname Genealogy Search Last name information.
Behind the Name- the Etymology and History of First Names Another baby name site. Not all meanings are inaccurate.
About[dot]com: Glossary of Last Name Meaning and Origins Site that has information about some select last names.

Fashion and Subcultures

List of Subcultures- Wikipedia List of different subcultures and some basic information.
Dark Fashion Links Links to different alternative clothing sale websites.
Realm Collections: Renaissance and Medieval Weaponry, Clothing, Shields, and Chain mail Site that sells the listed stuff. Not exactly historically accurate, but has great full body references.
Japanese Lifestyle This site has information on Japanese culture and fashion.

Hair Styles

Dreamweaver Braiding Has pictures of many different braided hairstyles. It also tells you how to make some of them.
How to Upbraid Your Friends An article on how to hair braiding base off of medieval pictures.


Free Online Dictionaries Online dictionary site that translates words from English into your choice of African, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, and Swedish. Translations are not always accurate.
Japanese Translator Site that translates English to Japanese and vise versa. They have a program that can show you what your name would look like written in Japanese Katakana and allows you to choose from several different fonts. Unfortunately, you must pay for a translation of nearly anything else.
Yahoo! Babel Fish Translator: Babel fish is a well known translator. It has eleven different languages to chose from.
Modern English to Old English Vocabulary Dictionary of old English and modern English. May need to be doubled checked.
Irish Gaelic Dictionary Online Translates words into Gaelic, may or may not be 100 percent accurate.
Irish People's Lessons Learn to speak Gaelic. Designed for someone without a teacher and/or textbook.


The Phobia ListList of phobias (fears).


Castles of Britain Information on castles and medieval weaponry.
List of Modern Weapons on Wikipedia List and information on modern weaponry.


Wikipedia: List of Forms of GovernmentList of different forms of government.

World Building

World Builder Home Page: Build Your Own World! Information on how to create your own scientifically accurate world.

RPG Guides

The Land of Mystics RPG Guide: A guide to forum based RPGs.
Dungeon Mastering A site with information for Dungeon/ Game masters. A lot of great resources.


Seventh Sanctum This site has more generators then you can shake a stick at. Some are more humorous while others are more serious.
Warpcore SF: Fantasy Plot Generator Generates random plots for male and female protagonists.
Fantasy Name Generator: Generates fantasy sounding names.
hack/ Many generators.
By Any Other Name Generates fantasy sounding names and other things.


Zip Code Database Find out the zip code for any area in Canada or the U.S.
Reference Guide for HERBS herb reference guide, may need to be double checked.
The Grand List of Console Role Playing Cliches A cliche list.
The Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test A site that where you can take a test to find out how cliche your charaters are.
Personae Opes: Resources A site that has links to many sites in order to help you create characters.
Television Tropes and Idioms Site with information on tropes.
Fantasy Map Making How to make a map for a fantasy landscape.
Color Palette Generator